. . . We reached out to Nukia Studio in a hurry. We did book an international-award photographer to shoot our wedding album. We didn’t like those photos at all, couldn’t find any “us” in those. The wedding date was close and I had little time. I did an extensive search over the internet and found some photos that looked exactly like what I had imaged about my wedding photos. I made a call and got hooked up immediately with a little girl over the line. Yup, that how we started our relationship - :D I’d like to call it “relationship” ‘cause after the wedding shoot, Nu – the little girl I talked to has become a friend of my whole family. The time we got with Nu was an enjoyable experience. Rather than trying to act and to be forced in the photoshoot (like we did last time with the award-winning photographer), we’re just having fun, a lot of fun indeed. Nu was enthusiastic, creative and inspired while Chung Anh was a little helper with a lot of care. And the result was amazing; our wedding album is still talked about by siblings, friends and colleagues. We would recommend Nukia studio for couples who are looking for capturing real time moment of love and happiness. Should consider if you’re seeking for photos of massy wedding gowns and bling-bling effects, you won’t find any of these in Nukia’s work. It’s all about simply joy, happiness and good-together-time.   With love, Hau -Giang