FROM A. HIEU - C. HY // CEREMONY 02.2013

We freshly decided to get married just one week before our wedding date. It was rush and stressful, despite all of that. we still managed to take three tours for wedding photo shot. The first two was in the North of Vietnam, one was picked from my parent and the other one was selected according to a general rating on the web.   It was good however there are still something feels annoyingly unsatisfied. I guess we were giving into our picky personality and wasn’t satisfy with either of the studio that we chose despite the fact that both of them was rated as the best in Hanoi. After the third day we head South where the event took place. Desperately looking for a new photographer, and after hearing from a close friend about a young rising star in town we head to Nukia studio without a second thought.   Our first impression about the studio was the tidiness and hardcore feeling mix with a super friendly atmosphere. We were greeted by no other then the owner herself, our main character “Nu” (I was kind of guessing where the name “Nukia” is coming from or may be vice versa). I can say she was like a kind and helpful angle come to help us on our wedding. Believe me or not, its true, excluded the wings part because if she really does have a pair of wing she might hold the bow and act as Cupid instead. But we already fall in love and we need a photographer who can get the job done so “Nu” please don’t grow wings (at least for now).   After take a look at some of the sample, we felt we had come to the right place, as little touch in colour as possible and bring out the nature of happiness, but more then that and most difficult of it all is how to capture that moment of happiness to keep them stay within the photos. My wife is still an active photographer and I pretty much going through basic fashion and design university for a while ago. We had a deep connection with art, so our demand was as high that none of the previous photographers was be able to offer. But it is not like in here, pay attention to detail, look for the right moment to flash, capture the time with almost effortless interference. At that moment, all I was thinking about is where do i have to sign for the contract.   Well, when she first asked us to do a commentary about her work, we were at lost in words, there is so much to say but so hard to express. At our wedding she presented a fabulous jobs. The level of professional is as high as the rumours say or even higher. No flattery, she took around 100 shots with no mistake, not even need for editing, everything is 100% natural and no photoshop. I would rather satisfy with 100 perfectly presented photos rather then over 900 shots from two of the previous photo studios we had a week ago. It was the right decision to chose Nukia for our wedding ceremony (not once but twice, one in Ho Chi Minh and one in Hanoi).   When the album come out we could not wait to see how exciting and how fascinating all the best photos were put together. If I could put down one word it would be “totally satisfaction”… okay may be two words. Somehow some way, until now we still keep in touch with her, we went for a drink sometime and talk about business and stuff. She is now not only a friends but also hold an importance place in our heart.   It were thank to them, the people in Nukia studio, and Nu herself we had a wonderful experience in our life, and might be once in a life time. If we have to hold our grand wedding ceremony again, no doubts we will chose them again.   If you were not patient enough to read until the final lines of this article, I would sum up it all up for you, get her - Nu. She worth every reputation you expected from her. Don’t hesitate or you might lost her appointment for other couple.   For Nu with love   Khang Hy - Hieu.